A total of 5.4 million Syrian children and youth inside Syria (of whom 2.1 million are out of school) and 1.4 million Syrian refugee children and youth in the five host countries (50 per cent of whom are out of school) are in need of educational assistance. Education is key for their survival, their protection, and ability to rebuild a peaceful Syria. A number of new short films, presented at the London Conference, gave voices to the children of Syria. Watch their stories below.

Saja lost her leg but not her ambition

“My school is far away and I get very tired walking there.
It’s a struggle but what else can you do? I love school.”

Ahmed and his instrument of hope

“This is my message to the politicians. You have to sort this out.
What is the point of all these wars? All of this is pointless.”

Voices from an Egyptian preschool

“…we Syrians have to deal with another feeling that never leaves us.
The feeling of paralysis, that you can do absolutely nothing, that you are absolutely powerless.”

Voices of a #NoLostGeneration from 6 countries

“I started working because my dad can no longer work, neither can my mum, so I had to start to help
with our expenses…When I get to school I just sit there and don’t say anything. I’m so tired.”

The Supporting Syria and the Region Conference that took place on 4 February 2016 in London, brought together world leaders from around the globe to rise to the challenge of raising the resources needed to help millions of people whose lives have been torn apart by the devastating war. The conference raised over US$11 billion in pledges – $5.8 billion for 2016 and a further $5.4 billion for 2017-20 to enable partners to plan ahead.

The London Conference aimed to create a long-term commitment on education to avoid a lost generation of children and youth through a total ask of US$1.4 billion. This amount is needed to support around 4 million Syrian and host community children in the 2016/2017 school year. Read the Syria Crisis Education Strategic Paper.

A list of Syria resources, news coverage and multimedia material related to the Conference can be found HERE.