Background Policy Papers for Fixing the Broken Promise of Education For All Report

Policy Paper “If you don’t understand, how can you learn?”
by UNESCO, Global Education Monitoring Report

Child Labour and Out-of-School Children. Current situation and scope for action in West and Central Africa
by UNICEF West and Central Africa Regional Office

Curriculum, Accreditation and Certification for Syrian Children in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt
by UNICEF Middle East and North Africa Regional Office

Out-of-School Children and Children with Disabilities: Situation Analysis in the West and Central Africa Region (Fr)
by UNICEF West and Central Africa Regional Office

Barriers to Education in Conflict-Affected Countries and Policy Opportunities
by Patricia Justino, Institute of Development Studies

Child Labour and Out-Of-School Children: Evidence from 25 Developing Countries
by Furio Rosati, Scott Lyon and Lorenzo Guarcello, Understanding Children’s Work (UCW) Programme

Children with Disabilities
by Natasha Graham

Demographic and Socioeconomic Determinants of School Attendance: An Analysis of Household Survey Data
by Hiroyuki Hattori, UNICEF

Enrolment Gains from the Elimination of Primary School User Fees in Burundi
by Estelle Sommeiller and Quentin Wodon, World Bank

Policy Paper “Aid Reductions Threaten Education Goals”
by Global Education Monitoring Report, UNESCO

Impact of Child Marriage on Literacy and Education Attainment in Africa
by Minh Cong Nguyen and Quentin Wodon, World Bank

Measuring the Benefit Incidence of Public Spending for Education in Burundi
by Clarence Tsimpo and Quentin Wodon, World Bank

Policy Paper “Global progress towards universal primary education has halted”
by UNESCO Institute for Statistics

Non-Formal Education as a Means to Meet Learning Needs of Out-Of-School Children and Adolescents
by Mari Yasunaga, UNESCO

A Note on Education Attainment Gaps in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia
By Minh Cong Nguyen and Quentin Wodon, World Bank

Out-Of-School Children: Why Gender Matters?
by Nelly P. Stromquist

School Access for Children from Non-Dominant Ethnic and Linguistic Communities
by Carol Benson

System-Wide Approaches to Out-Of-School Children in Latin America and the Caribbean
by Janet Lennox on behalf of UNICEF LACRO